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For my sister Wahida, may God bless Y
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Voilà bien les Français, ils tournent à tout vent.
William Shakespeare

Le roman est l'art de créer un homme, la biographie l'art de le ressusciter.
Benjamin Jarnés
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13 Avril 2004

l'amour me rend aveugle, ce sentiment bizar m'a pris le coeur

l'amour me rend folle, ce sentiment drole a pris mon role

l'amour me rend faible, ce sentiment noble m'a enfoncé dans les sables

les sables mouvantes de mes larmes.

j'ai trop pleuré, mais les larmes étaient invisibles

elles étaient dans mon coeur cachées.

mon amour n'était que souffrance, surtout qu'il était d'un seul coté.

mon amour n'est plus qu'une souvenance, mais jamis je vais l'oublier.


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25 Janvier 2008
I,in love

Together we will fight the enemy and build the future.We are stronger together.

If you just be with me and believe in my dreams we will be the king and the queen in the chrown of our enemy.

Thin a little about my suffering and you will see that you can erase my pain if you just share the smile with me.

You are the one, the first, and the last to me; you are the flower in my mornings and the hot soup in my cold days.

Y ou are here when nobody is here. Just relax and give me your soul, then you will not regret.

Please don't let winds destroy the ship, don't let deception create mourning in me.

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28 Septembre 2010
My First Days in France

We arrived in Marseille in Auguest the 28th, 2010 ; me, my brother and my niece Loujain,whome I love so much. Many ideas were visiting my mind from the very moment I walked in the aireport, will I be happy here? will I succed my studies? Or mybe I meet my dreem man in this country? and in a moment we saw Issam; my brother's freind, he was waiting as in the aireport, a man of 26 years, he has brown eyes and brown skin and speaks little, he gave me a bottle of juice and some bread.I appreciated that and we joined him to his house. There I met a woman making a veil, smiling and looking kind, she was his mother.The family of Issam welcomed us so much and I passed a week near them.I was looking after Loujain because my brother went back to Tunisia the second day of our arrival, he said that he had had problems in his work. During those few days, I became a freind with Issam's mother,Mannou, I helped her doing the shores, and we tell each other stories before giong to bed, we saw television together...until we became close one to the other, in few days, I considered her like my mum and she called me "my doughter", this was strange and nice at the same time.After a week, my brother came back to France, he was wearing in Black ; It was like some thing happened in Tunis and he did not tell me anything.The next day we travelled to Toulon, where I persuie my studies,he left me here alone in my home and went back to Marseille.At that moment, I said to myself" now you are no more a little girl, you are matured, you lived alone and must be the leader of your self"nights and days passed until one night,while I was talking to a freind from my country in the chat, she said to me"I am sorry Amel for the death of your sister Wahida" and I entered in a world of darkness and melancholy, I felt so lonely in my sadness and from that moment, I live with a half of my heart.

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24 Décembre 2010 - 01 Janvier 2011
moment of depression

i went to Paris during Christmas holidays, it was in 24 december, my brother would be coming to Paris in two days, I was delighet wating for his arrival, I bought some gifts to the children and I arranged ther booking of the hotel for them and I.the 26th december, and at night, i was waiting for them before the hotel, It was very cold outside, they came and we kissed each other, I was very happy for seeing them, we installed ourselves in the hotel. My brother was fond of shoping, he spent days wandering between the shops of high markets and bought very expensive clothes to him and his doughters, and I was the one charged of holding what he buys.the one charged by taking care of the little girls, and in all I was like a baby sitter and a housekeeper. That had a bad impact on me.

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